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Friday, June 13, 2014

1/9 Scale Golden Commode from "Raiders Lost in the Dark"

When I discovered that Figures Toy Co. makes a Mego-sized toilet, I knew what had to be done:

1/9 Scale Golden Commode from "Raiders Lost in the Dark".

I met my good friend Bryan way back in the early 80s, a foreboding time of difficult change for me. We met at a Creation Sci-Fi/Comics convention, and, sharing a love of storytelling and all things geeky, became instant friends. A few years later, Bryan invited me to participate in his independent film "Raiders Lost in the Dark", a feature-length spoof of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". It was a blast.

The 80s were difficult, but I made some great, lifelong friends. Bryan is among the best. I made this custom as a 50th birthday gift for him. I truly hope it honors and celebrates our more than three decades of friendship. 

1/9 Scale Golden Commode Carded

1/9 Scale Golden Commode with Card (Front)

1/9 Scale Golden Commode with Card (Back)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

8" Confessor with Removable Mask and Card

Finally, at long last, I've completed the 8" Mego version of my all-time favorite character (That's all-time, in any genre, any medium).

8" Bennu with Card