Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to Make an Asteroid M Playset -- STEP ELEVEN

STEP ELEVEN: A) Assemble the paper models: cut them out, fold them up, and glue  them together. Place them along the widows. B) Affix the computer stickers on the walls by the doors. C) Detail and dress the set. Find a nice spot for Magneto's helmet. Place some Mego "Star Trek" chairs at the computers. Check through your inventory and see what sort of props you may have and set them up around the set. A clipboard with some sort of schematic clipped to it helps create a nice scientific ambiance. D) Make a bunch of vent stickers and put them on the stage left and stage right walls up by the ceiling. √


Tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of... "How to build an Asteroid M Playset"!!!

Same Magnetic-Time!!!

Same Magnetic-Channel!!!

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