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12" Draconian Soldier (Hasbro) from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"

I have two all-time favorite Sci-Fi design schemes: the Klingon design work in ST: TMP (probably my favorite 7 minutes of Sci-Fi cinema) and the Draconian designs for "Buck Rogers". Mego did great Klingon figures for their 3 3/4" and 12" ST: TMP lines. The 12" Klingon is my favorite Mego figure, but, though their 3 3/4" Draconian Guard is nicely done, their 12" version is seriously incomplete. He has an accurate laser rifle, but no armor, helmet, or goggles.
I decided that a 12" inch Draconian Soldier was needed and set out to make one. I spent a year or so tracking down photos, hunting for parts, and watching the Draconian episodes of "Buck Rogers" over and over again on DVD. It took a while but I'm happy with the results. And making a custom figure causes you to look at the design in a different, more focused way. I feel I understand the design much better now, and appreciate it that much more.
A couple of years after I made my Draconian Soldier, Zica toys released a line of 8" retro-Mego "Buck Rogers" figures. Their DraconianGuard is absolutely perfect.

NOTE: For the background in the first photo, I used blueprints by Jackill Designs. Check them out. They have some cool blueprints.

Friday, August 23, 2013

8" Arachnoid from "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends"

Here's a blast from the past!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Confessor Costume and 12" Figure

Can you guess who my all-time favorite character is?

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12" Ghost Rider (Hasbro)

I built this for my friend Dave when, after about 30 years of friendship, I discovered that he, too, was a Ghost Rider fan.

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The Watchmen Collection

I made the Watchmen Collection as a gift for my good friend Andy.

Here he is with the framed collection.

12" Doctor Manhattan from "Watchmen"

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The Black Hole Collection -- Series One -- Captain Holland and the Humanoid

Series one is complete!!! Here they are posing with an MPC Maximillian.

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8" Gorilla Lieutenant from "The Planet of the Apes"

8" General Urko from "The Planet of the Apes"


This figure is part of a commission diorama that I made for a friend of mine several years ago. It started out as a "more Screen Accurate" Urko, but I convinced him to let me build a little scene.
My abilities have grown quite a bit and, looking at it now, I feel I could do certain aspects of the figure much better. Maybe when I have some time I'll give him an upgrade.

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8" Captain Dan Holland from "The Black Hole"

He even has a little plastic communicator attached to his collar.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8" Humanoid with Removable Mask from "The Black Hole"-- Mask Off

Starring Larry Wilcox as the Zombified Cygnus Crewmember!!!     
I knew that, without creating an original sculpt, I wouldn't find a head that looked like the unique soulless face of the Humanoid. At the very least I needed an expressionless face. Ultimately I decided on the Officer Jon Baker head from the Mego "CHiPs" line. It's more stoic than mindless, but I think it works well -- especially with the aged zombie-like graying of the head.

8" Humanoid with Removable Mask from "The Black Hole"