Tuesday, March 9, 2010

8" Sliver Samurai with Removable Helmet

I'm a huge Japanese culture and history enthusiast, with a special interest in the samurai ethic - Bushido (That's one of the reasons why I adopted the kanji for ronin as my personal emblem). So, when I started customizing Megos back in around 2003, I knew I had to create a set of "World's Greatest Super-Samurai" figures.

My first entry: Kenuichio Harada, the Silver Samurai!

The detail on this figure is quite nice, and it incorporates a number of vintage elements. His helmet combines a Doc Mego repro cowl with a Matchbox Fighting Furies Kung Fu Warrior helmet - what a nice fit. He wields a kung Fu Warrior sword, and wears Kung Fu Warrior boots (there sure are an awful lot of Matchbox elements in this custom Mego). And starring in the role of Kenuichio Harada is... the Japanese Officer (Lion Rock, 1976). Even though the head is in a smaller scale than the body (Dr. Mego, again), it works rather well.

He even has a few shuriken attached to his blister.
I couldn't be happier with this figure. The Silver Samurai, who has been both hero and villain, is an imposing character with nobility and a commanding presence. This figure totally portrays that spirit. It is one of my earliest and favorite customs. And it turned out so well that it set quite a high standard for the rest of my creations.

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