Monday, March 29, 2010

8" Captain Marvel and Medic Una

I made this pair of figures as a wedding gift for my good friend Mike (AKA Mike-Vell) and his wife Jen (now Jen-Vell). Mike has always been a huge Mar-Vell fan (hence the nickname), and for a good while I had been contemplating what sort of Mar-Vell Mego to make for him. I had already made him a custom Captain Marvel Hasbro figure (to be featured in a future post), but knew I had to do a Mego. At one point I considered making a set of figures featuring all the characters over the years that have been named Captain Marvel (yes, including the android who split apart by yelling "Split!"). But it proved to be a rather expensive recipe. There are quite a few Captain Marvels out there - and I'm far too much of a purist to leave any of them out.

When Mike and Jen announced their engagement I hit upon the idea of doing a "World's Greatest Super-Couples" two-pack, which would, of course, feature Mar-Vell and his true love Una.

I'm quite pleased with Mar-Vell's uni-beam weapon. It's a nice detail, and a clever use of the CHiP's wrist watch.

I was unable to find a portrait-style image of Vell and Una together. So I asked my good friend, and cartoonist, Doug Slack if he would create an illustration for the card. He graciously agreed, making the Captain Marvel/Medic Una two-pack my very first custom to feature original artwork. Come to think of it, it's also my first double blister card.

Doug illustrated the cartoon version of me seen all over my blogs. And, he's also the penciller on my webcomic.

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